Sunday, December 18, 2011

Become An Assistant Steward Lido On A Cruise Ship

If you are men and Indonesian citizens aged between 21 years to 35 years, there is an opportunity for you. An opportunity to work on a cruise ship. Grab this opportunity. However, the requirement to register are have good mental and physical health, minimum height 160 cm, hotel education at least D1, work experience in hotel at least a year, can speak english. English tests include : grammar, writing, conversation and listening.

Sure you're ready, this is an opportunity that very awaited by young people. Do not worry, if you fulfill the above requirements, please register here. It is SBI ( PT. Sumber Bakat Insani), the sole manning agent of Holland America Line & Windstar Cruise in Indonesia. If you pass the selection, you will be trained for several months. And during the training you will get pocket money. You will stay in the dormitory but you can go home on weekends.

When the training period is completed, you will test your health back at the appointed hospital. It's free. To that, keep health. During the period of education you will be tired. That's not the worst, because on a cruise ship you will be more tired but you will feel satisfied because you paid more for your energy.

When it was all finished, you will be a waiting list. Pray, so it was not long in waiting list and there are no obstacles that interfere so that you quickly go to work on a cruise ship that you dreamed of. Best of luck.